Gamma- Glutamyl Transferase

AsseyMethod: Photo Colorimetric
Abbrevation: GGT
Sector: Biochemistry
SampleType: S
S.Vol: 0.3
Transport: at 4˚c
Storage: 1 mounth at 4˚c ,1 year at -20˚c
Test Name: Gamma- Glutamyl Transferase
Normal Range: Female:Up to 32 Male:up to 49

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Why get tested?

To screen for liver disease or alcohol abuse; and to help your doctor tell whether a raised concentration of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) in the bloodstream is due to liver or bone disease

When to get tested?

If your doctor thinks that you have symptoms of a liver disorder/disease

Sample required?

A blood sample taken from a vein in your arm

Test preparation needed?

None required


What is being tested?

Gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) is an enzyme found mainly in the liver. When the liver is injured or the flow of bile is obstructed, the concentration of GGT within the bloodstream rises. It is therefore a useful marker for detecting bile duct problems.

How is the sample collected for testing?

A blood sample is obtained by inserting a needle into a vein in the arm.

Is any test preparation needed to ensure the quality of the sample?

No test preparation is needed.