Protein total

AsseyMethod: Photo Colorimetric
Sector: Biochemistry
SampleType: S
S.Vol: -
Transport: at RT,2-8˚c,-20˚c
Storage: 1 day at 25˚c ,2 days at 2-8˚c ,for longer time at -20˚c
Test Name: Protein total
Normal Range: -

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Why get tested?

Mostly forms a part of a liver function test profile, and not often requested in isolation. It can be used to calculate globulin which may indicate activation or depletion of immune system (immunoglobulin). Can help indicate certain liver, kidney disorders and several other diseases.

When to get tested?

Rarely required alone. Forms part of other test profiles such as liver function tests.

Sample required?

A blood taken from a vein

Test preparation needed?


What is being tested?

The total protein test is a rough measure of all of the proteins in the plasma portion of your blood. Proteins are important building blocks of all cells and tissues. Total protein measures the combined amount of proteins the two major two classes of which are albumin and immunoglobulin. Albumin is a carrier of many small molecules, but its main purpose is to keep fluid from leaking out of blood vessels, while immunoglobulin proteins are antibodies. To a much lesser extent enzymes and more than 500 other proteins contribute to the total protein.